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OAuth login
Moderation tools
Automatic spam filter
Email notifications
Automatic thread locking
Sticky comments
Data export
Enforce timeouts
Shadow banning
API access
Live comments
Single sign-on
Email moderation
Audit logs
Email support
Up to 50,000 pageviews monthly. 15-day trial period. No credit card required.
Psst, you can get Commento for free. Commento is an open-source project and you can earn free access to the service in exchange for contributing non-trivial patches. Learn more.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Disqus has a free plan. Why isn't Commento free?
Unlike Disqus, Commento values your privacy and does not operate on ads or tracking. If it's free, you're the product. Commento is entirely funded by the users to keep the service sustainable.
Can I really pay what I want?
Yes. Depending on your financial situation and the value you get out of Commento, you can pay what you want. There is a minimum of $3/month, but that is for purely technical reasons (because otherwise I'd be paying Stripe an inordinate percentage in processing fees).