A comments widget that just works.

Screenshot of Commento
  • Sticky comments

    Pin an important comment to the top of the thread.

  • Upvotes and downvotes

    Your readers upvote comments that contribute to the discussion.

  • Markdown formatting

    Bold, italics, external links, quotes, bullet points, code, and more.

  • Moderation tools

    Lock heated threads, remove offtopic comments, and enforce timeouts.

  • Spam detection

    Don't waste time fighting spammers. Commento will do that for you.

  • No sign-up required

    Reduces friction by letting your readers comment without an account.

  • Nested replies

    Similar to how Reddit comments work. Makes discussion easier to follow.

When you add the Commento widget to your website, your audience becomes a community that gives feedback, asks questions, and adds to the discussion.

Takes under 10 minutes.

Adding Commento to your website is easy and painless. It usually takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

  1. Generate a code snippet

    Generate a code snippet

    You can embed Commento on any website with just a couple of lines of simple HTML. Copy a snippet from the dashboard and paste it where you want Commento to load.

  2. Import comments

    Import comments

    Using Disqus on your website and want to switch without losing existing comments? Upload your data export from Disqus and we'll do all the heavylifting.

  3. Customize the look

    Customize the look

    While Commento looks great out of the box, it is also easy to customize the widget to match your website's look. You can get started with just a few lines of CSS.

Don't just take our word for it.

Commento is used by hundreds of bloggers, startups, magazines, and non-profits. Here's what they say.

Mozilla Foundation Swedish Red Cross (Svenska Röda Korset) The Positive Effect JetBrains TasteToronto Arkansas Times LYRICS Magazin

Just enabled comments, thanks to Commento, and I kid you not, 2 lines of code and zero customization.

Evo Terra Evo Terra, podcaster

What a difference. Commento is orders of magnitude lighter than Disqus.

Victor Zhou Victor Zhou, software engineer

Just migrated to Commento. Took like 10 minutes to do and the website lost half the KB weight.

Paweł Urbanek Paweł Urbanek, web performance consultant

My site never slowed down, [...] and everything just worked as it should. I can't recommend Commento highly enough.

Kev Quirk Kev Quirk, cybersecurity specialist

There's finally a decent alternative to Disqus that isn't just selling user data.

Owen Williams Owen Williams, UX manager

I've walked through the desert of desperation and now I'm swimming in an ocean of joy. Thank you @commento_io!

Simo Ahava Simo Ahava, startup founder
  • advertisements
  • tracking
  • web bloat
  • clunky UI
  • a faster, safer,
    cleaner web