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Commento is the best way to foster discussion on your website to increase engagement and create a loyal audience. It's fast, privacy-focused, modern, and featureful.
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Personal data is personal
Privacy is our business model, not ads. Commento does not and will never gather your personal information to sell to advertisers, marketing networks, or any organization. Read Commento's privacy policy
Minified + GZipped
Faster than light
Half a second increase in page load time results in a 20% decrease in engagement and traffic. Commento is just 19 KB and fast, thanks to our globally distributed servers. See the demo for yourself
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Easy to embed
Embedding Commento is super-easy. Sign up and stick a piece of HTML code in your website and everything will just work. That's it. Really. Check out the documentation
Import from Disqus
Currently using Disqus and want to switch without losing any data? You're covered. Sign up and import all your comments from Disqus into Commento automatically.
What's spam?
Thanks to Akismet's advanced spam filtering and Commento's powerful moderation tools, you'll never have to worry about generous Nigerian princes.
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