Embed comments without giving up your privacy.
Sticky comments
Pin important comments to the top of the thread.
Markdown formatting
Rich formatting with bold text, external links, and blockquotes.
Upvotes and downvotes
Let your readers vote on what’s insightful and what’s not.
Moderation tools
Lock heated threads, remove offtopic comments, and enforce timeouts.
Spam detection
Don’t waste time fighting spammers. Commento will do that for you.
No sign-up required
Reduce friction by allowing your readers to leave comments without signing up.
Nested replies
Comment threads like on Reddit make it easier to follow the discussion.
Commento is more than just a comments widget you can embed — it’s a return to the roots of the internet. An internet without the tracking and invasions of privacy. An internet that is simple and lightweight. An internet that is focused on interesting discussions, not ads. A better internet.
No ads or tracking
Commento has not, does not, and will not gather your personal information to sell to advertisers, third-party trackers, or other organisations.
Clean and modern design
A good interface should get out of the way of the content it is presenting and that's exactly what we've done. The focus is on the comments and nothing else.
Lightweight and fast
Despite faster internet connections, webpages keep getting slower. Disqus adds upwards of a megabyte to your page, but Commento is much lighter at just 15 KB total.
Import from Disqus
Using Disqus and want to switch to Commento? Importing everything into Commento and integrating our widget in your website takes less than five minutes.
“Oh my god there’s finally a decent alternative to Disqus that isn’t just selling user data. Gonna rip Disqus out on Charged and replace with this.”
“What a difference. Commento is orders of magnitude lighter than Disqus.”
“Just migrated to Commento. Took like 10 minutes to do and website lost half the KB weight. Also glad not to be tracking the visitors with Disqus anymore.”
“Commento isn’t a free product, but it works superbly well, is privacy respecting and has no third-party trackers or advertising. I can’t recommend Commento highly enough.”
“I think Commento is great software. I’m using it on my personal website, but after I recommended it to people at work, we have also started using it on our company website.”
— Bjarte Aune Olsen
“Just enabled comments, thanks to Commento, and I kid you not, 2 lines of code and zero customization. Thanks, Commento, for making it super easy!”
web bloat
real conversations
a faster web
a clean design
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