Not free. 
By design.

Services like Disqus and Facebook comments aren't really free — you pay by giving up your privacy and personal data. Unlike them, we don't sell your data, show you ads, or track your every movement on the web.

We charge a flat recurring fee as long as you stay under 50,000 daily pageviews. That's a straightforward business model that's also sustainable.

Need a larger traffic limit? Email to talk.
per month
per year
Guaranteed privacy
Import from Disqus
Upvotes and downvotes
OAuth social login
Single sign-on
Email support
Moderation tools
Email notifications
Automatic spam filter
Data export
Email moderation
Sticky comments
+ upcoming features
No credit card required during trial.
Common Questions
What happens if we go over the traffic limit?
Your website will continue to operate normally. Someone from Commento will be in touch over email to discuss our higher traffic plans with you and we can figure things out from there. If you'd like to start off with an enterprise plan right away, email to talk.
Can we share one subscription across multiple websites?
No. Each Commento subscription is per-domain and cannot be shared across different domains.
Will we be automatically charged after the trial?
No. We don't need your credit card details before the trial ends, so we can't charge you until you physically click the subscribe button.
What payment options do you support?
We require a credit card for payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) — no PayPal, cryptocurrency, or ACH/wire. Exceptions can be made for enterprise customers, however.
Do you accept other local currencies?
No. We understand that Commento might be expensive in some places, so we'll strongly consider adding local pricing in the future, but for now we only support US dollar payments.
Can we cancel at any time?
Yes. If you decide to cancel, you will not be charged again after your subcription period ends. As always, you can export your data as a convenient JSON archive before you cancel.
Can we get a refund if we decide Commento isn't right for us?
If you're less than 60 days into your paid period, we'll refund a prorated amount for the remaining period minus payment processing fees. No questions asked, just send us an email.
What if we have more questions?
Email us at and we'll help you out.