Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


  1. This is a legal agreement between Commento, Inc. ("I", "me", or "my") and one of the following ("you", or "your"):
    • a person registering or a Commento account; or
    • a person interacting with a website with Commento embedded.

Your Rights

  1. Your personal data information will not be shared with any third party except when:
    • requested by law enforcement;
    • it is necessary to protect my rights, safety, and property; or
    • it is necessary to diagnose and fix problems with the service.
  2. You will not be shown ads.
  3. No cookies other than those that are necessary for site operation will be stored.
  4. Your data is regularly backed up.
  5. If there is a significant service outage, you have the right to an explanation describing what happened and what measures will be taken to prevent a recurrence.
  6. If there is a security or privacy breach, I promise to disclose it on the website and on Twitter as soon as possible.
  7. You may remain anonymous. You are not required to provide your real name.
  8. Any new features that affect privacy will be strictly opt-in.
  9. You may benchmark Commento's performance and publish it.
  10. You may export your data in a convenient format.
  11. If I choose to cease operations, you will be allowed to export your data.
  12. If there is a payment failure, you will receive an email notification. You will have four weeks to rectify the issue.
  13. You may permanently delete your account. Note that your data may temporarily persist in backups for up to two weeks after deletion.
  14. You have the right to an explanation (or a warning, if possible) if your account is throttled or deleted.

Your Responsibilities

  1. You are at least 13 years old.
  2. You must not post spam.
  3. You have taken measures to ensure your website's readers are aware of their privacy rights in regards to your use of Commento on your website.
  4. You must not store or submit any content to Commento that is illegal under Delaware law.
  5. You must not use Commento to harass others.
  6. If you notice any data integrity, privacy, or security bugs in the service, please report it to me directly by private email.
  7. You must not abuse the service in ways that could harm or deny service to others.
  8. Please do not submit truly sensitive data to Commento.

Commento's Rights

  1. I may send you emails concerning the service or your account at any time.
  2. I may store server-side logs of requests received and responses sent.
  3. I may throttle and delete your account, domains, and comments at any time if you violate these terms.
  4. I may delete your domain if you continue to fail to pay after your four week notice.
  5. I may save any support tickets you create (bug reports, feature requests, feedback).
  6. I may update the terms of service and the privacy policy at any time. You will receive an email notifying you of any major policy changes. You will not be bound by the changes until 30 days after the email notification.
  7. Any disputes will be settled under Delaware law.

Privacy Policy

  1. Commento data is stored in the United States (Google Cloud privacy policy).
  2. If you subscribe, you agree to Stripe's privacy policy.
  3. If you use automatic spam detection, you agree to Akismet's privacy policy.
  4. When you log in, a cookie is stored to authenticate you on future visits.
  5. If you log in and comment on a website embedding Commento, the website owner may have access to your email address.


  1. Use of the service is at your own risk. The service is provided as-is and has no warranty.

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